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Returning from paternity leave this week, I have spent the last few days catching up on what has been going on across the Innovation programme. What is clear is that we are starting to generate some really interesting ideas.

When speaking to Ben Hardy (Paddington CRL Project Manager)  about the challenges his site faces, he confirmed that the issue of noise, specifically, shrouding operations from above to restrict noise to neighbouring high rise buildings was and would continue to be a major challenge.

This is no doubt an issue that other Crossrail sites face constructing in central London, so it was very interesting to hear this week that Damian Breen (Vinci, Victoria Dock Portal) mentioned to the innovation team that Vinci have recently been in collaboration with a company that has developed a mobile, modular noise tent.

Noise Barrier 3Fraser Haldow
Echo Barrier
DLC House Upper Mulgrave Road
Surry SM2 7AJ
Mob: +44 (0) 7867 483 012
Tel: 0208 408 7107
www. Echobarrier.com

Please visit youtube.com/watch?v=dYhmmeT0vJY  to watch our 15 minute speed assembly test!

62035_F_BIGA simple but great idea that has been formally submitted into the Portal by Juliet Whitcombe was the concept of using the back surface of safety gloves to print safety messages. This idea needs collaborators to help find a manufacturer to prototype the idea and a site to trial it. If anyone wants to collaborate with Juliet please get in touch with the innovation team.

Finally, this week saw the true power of the Collabor18 forum with a discussion initiated by Darren Kehoe (Limmo Field Engineer) who was thinking about how to quickly get photos from an iPhone onto a Citrix PC before uploading them onto the Crossrail Photo Library, without going through the boring process of emailing them to yourself.

Darren proposed Dropbox but through openly sharing and discussing the idea with Brian Curran (Liverpool St), Peter Jarman (Paddington) and Tom Lawson (Canada Square) a solution was found to speed up the transfer from an iPhone to a Citrix PC and the awareness that Tom is working with the image library provider to improve upload options.  The“how to guide” for uploading from an iPhone to Citrix can be found by clicking here.

Well done guys, this is a perfect example of how this site can be a virtual coffee shop for sharing knowledge!

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