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This week, we saw the total number of Crossrail innovations submitted into the Portal surpass 100. Of the 108 submitted those; the programme is progressing (or “discovering”) 36 innovations and over half are focused on the theme working more efficiently.


More importantly, the number of shared innovations uploaded onto the innovate18 website has grown from 8 to 26. Special thanks must go to the Costain and Skanska for sharing 18 innovations directly from their own internal innovation programmes.

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Paddington are currently proving to be the most creative project with 22 innovations to date although only 4 of these have been shared or implemented.Bond Street are another leading contributor with 13 innovations, of which 10 have been already been implemented and shared. Geoff Miles, Rolling stock and Depot’s Design Manager, deserves a special mention contributing no less than four innovations this week from a beach in Spain!

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My team and I spend the majority of our weeks visiting the projects and helping the champions to engage with their colleagues and raise awareness of the innovate18 programme. As the awareness of the programme improves, I am looking forward to receiving notification when projects (as described by Steve Hails, Health and Safety Director at the leadership conference last week) ‘Pinch with Pride’ shared innovations. As an attendee of the conference, I recently received a communication from Andrew Wolstenholme who said:

“Everyone has a role to play and we look to our strongest performing projects to inspire others to improve. Raising our performance will require leadership at all levels (from supervisor upwards), a relentless focus on delivery and for all of us to live our values.

I encourage you all to share your best practice and innovative thinking with each other, through innovate18 and our Health & Safety improvements team. If we do this successfully, we need only ever solve a problem once on Crossrail. We will also leave a lasting legacy to the construction industry.”

 Through engaging with the projects, we have received requests for the innovations submitted to date to be shared on the innovate18 site. Click here to see the current list of innovations received and where you share a passion for a listed innovation, I encourage you to find out more via your innovation champion and if you can, collaborate with the innovator to help progress it faster!

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