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RahulI would like to introduce to you Rahul from Imperial College London. He may look like a shady character in his leather jacket, but Rahul has aspirations to become a Doctor of Innovation!

Imperial College London are collaborating with Crossrail to research on how Crossrail implement the vision of an innovation programme and how it can inform the current theoretical understanding and practice of managing large megaprojects.

He will be focusing on two elements:

  • Building an Innovation Practice: To understand implementation challenges and how they are being addressed in creating a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing in a temporary organisation.
  • Building a Legacy: To understand whether Crossrail’s work to promote innovation, supply chain collaboration and sustainability is changing industry-level practices and to understand why it is or is not working.

Rahul has been given full access of the innovation programme data, will be attending meetings, innovation programme events  and visiting many of the sites over the next 12 months to understand the implementation from all perspectives

Should you be approached by Rahul to have a chat about your innovation journey or experiences in the innovation programme please try and find the time to meet with him.

Rahul’s research will be a valuable and tangible contribution to pass on the knowledge to future programmes

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