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Evaluation Commences

Today marks the line in the sand the Innovation Team drew when we agreed the schedule with Andrew Wolstenholme at the Crossrail Innovation Forum in January 2013. The line represents when the metaphorical draw bridge is lifted on the innovation submissions such that we will now evaluate the submissions received to date. There are only 125 to review!

Money Sprout

On 10 & 19 July 2013 we are holding two Crossrail Industry Working Groups, tasked with reviewing the submitted innovations and filtering the ones that Crossrail should invest in. The working group will consider each innovation on its merits and potentially stimulate maturity through a financial or resource contribution. We have not set a limit of the number of innovations to invest in, but have chosen to limit ourselves by the funds available to the programme through £25,000 contributions from ten (10) of our Tier 1 supply chain companies and Crossrail match funding.

The filtered recommendations for investment will be presented to the Crossrail Innovation Forum (CIF) on 25 July 2013.

The innovators of the successful ideas will be notified in August 2013 and the innovation team will work with each of you to ensure we implement the idea quickly and attempt to realise the potential benefit.

The next round of evaluation will be in the winter of 2013 and it is hoped that innovations that do not make the cut for investment in this summer’s evaluation, could very easily become more mature and receive funding in the next. Please be left in no doubt that the portal will remain open and Crossrail should still continue to discover and mature innovative solutions.

On behalf of my team, I would like to personally thank everyone who as contributed to what is the first innovation programme in a temporary organisation like Crossrail.

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