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The innovation programme continues to mature as the awareness and engagement with projects gains momentum with further launch events held at Plumstead, Farringdon and Tottenham Court Road in the last month.
Tier 1 leadership engagement has been another area of focus this month, drawing up innovations from the internal systems of Costain, Skanska, Ferrovial, Vinci and Laing O’Rourke. The first ‘coffee house’ networking event designed to connect and to pool a number of similar themed innovations was held at Bond Street.
On 28 June 2013, the ‘draw bridge’ was lifted on the innovation portal submissions such that all innovations to date can now be evaluated. Preparations for recognising the discretionary effort of individuals and team participation at the end of competition 1 have commenced. The Innovations working group meet this week to evaluate the innovations submitted to date and will report the outcome to the Crossrail Innovation Forum at the end of July.


Technology has been the theme of the recent submissions with Digital-Physical Integration starting to take an increasing proportion of the themes submitted to date.

By site ytd July 2013

Paddington have implemented and shared more ideas since the last post on innovate18. Both Bond Street and Liverpool street are still continuing to generate ideas, but more importantly more sites are sharing and implementing innovations on their sites. Further good news for the innovation programme; the list of sites innovating continues to grow with now 13 sites contributing. We welcome, Farringdon, Tottenham Court Road, Custom House and look forward to more of their contributions.

By function ytd July 2013

Operations are sending us ideas thick and fast, with some which will be implemented in the Operational phase of the Crossrail project, which just shows how forward thinking some of Crossrail’s innovators are!

The list of innovations submitted to date is available here – if there are innovations that you would like to assist with the development of or that might enhance your working environment, contact your champion or a member of the innovation team and we can connect you with the innovator.

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