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With Tim on holiday, I have been given the responsibility of completing the Programme Manager’s blog. I hope to do him justice!
In July, the innovation programme entered the evaluation phase with a tremendous 125 submissions reviewed by the Working Group. Six submissions were recommended for investment and were reviewed by the Crossrail Innovation Forum on 25 July 2013. Critically, the next steps will be to offer feedback to all that contributed to this first competition.
Where funding was not secured but the innovation has potential, discussions will continue with the innovators to progress their ideas. This will influence the number of submission we progress into the next round competition.
Preparations are on-going for the inaugural celebration event to recognise the effort of individual and team participation with the programme so far. Invitations will be sent to attend a ‘Crossrail Innovation Pioneers’ event at the Siemens Crystal Centre on 19 September 2013.


Although the first innovation competition is over and being evaluated, activity is still continuing to grow on the innovate18 website:

Innovation tracker pm blog

BFKJV has formally engaged this month with the nomination of Tony Walters of Kier as the executive representative for the Innovation programme. The effort was reflected by nine submissions from BFKJV via the portal this month.


innovation by site pm blog

The dominant theme within the innovations remains ‘Delivering efficiencies through the life cycle’. This is mainly owing to the focus on mitigating health and safety risks or establishing innovative ways of designing with manufacturing and assembly.


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Whilst the innovations submitted do not necessarily reflect this, functional engagement and support is strongly continuing in the area surrounding Health and Safety, Environment, Technical Information (BIM) and Operations. The innovation team will continue to focus on improving functional engagement to draw up and share innovative practices occurring within their departments.

function pm blog

I have included the list of innovations submitted to date – should any of the innovations listed be of interest to you and would like to help develop it, or if you feel it would enhance your working environment, contact your innovation champion or a member of tour team so that we can connect you with the innovator. Don’t forget to look through the shares and let us know if you ‘Pinch with Pride’ any of the innovations listed.

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