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I was looking forward to my holiday reflecting that in August it was likely that the activity and commitment across the programme couldn’t possibly sustain the levels seen in June and July as colleagues also head off on their holidays.

What has actually happened has been a bit of a surprise! We have seen our number of published innovations spike with 27 innovation fact sheets published online taking our shared innovations total to 85! This is fantastic and thanks goes to you all – as most sites have improved on their July totals.

PM Blog Aug 2013 - shares

Paddington have reclaimed second place which we believe is down to the support from the new CSJV PM Vicknayson Thevendran and the reaction from the team to create a working group comprising of Crossrail, CSJV and hopefully a few subcontractor reps.

We have seen a flurry of activity with Western Tunnels submitting six (6) innovations this month. We hope to use this great start as a platform to build from when we hold an introductory innovation workshop with the BFKJV on 16 September 2013

Eastern Tunnels have established a strong partnership with Andreas Michel from Hochtief Murphys JV joining forces with Maria Karakitsiou. This has already produced two innovations and we are aware of a number of other innovations that they are preparing to share in the coming weeks – watch this space!

Below are a number of graphics which show the status of the programme in different ways. We have also published a list of the submitted ideas to date which may stimulate you to get in touch with your champion to find out more about the idea and maybe even collaborate with the innovator!

Innovation list – August 2013


PM Blog Aug 2013 - Mountain


PM Blog Aug 2013 - By site


PM Blog Aug 2013 - By function


PM Blog Aug 2013 - sub theme pie


PM Blog Aug 2013 - Sub theme mountain


PM Blog Aug 2013 - Tracker

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