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We are used to receiving a great range of fantastic ideas and innovations here at Innovate18. However, what really has a major impact on Crossrail is the replication of ideas that other sites have discovered – “Pinch with Pride!”. These benefits not only translate to the sites, but also help to raise the understanding and knowledge of industry best practices.
This goes hand in hand with our collaboration value, and is a way of recognising those sites who have come up with great ideas. The ultimate commendation is that other sites want to replicate the good practice. It also has the advantage of acting as a multiplication factor of benefits – the more sites that pinch the bigger the impact the idea has at Crossrail.
So go on, have a look through and see if you’re already doing some of the Published Innovations  published-innovations-button and let us know which ones you do or have done on your site.

And don’t forget that if you want to submit an idea that isn’t listed by clicking on the “brain”. submit-an-idea

Here is a league table of the ideas that have been pinched with pride:

Idea name Number of times pinched
Large Scale QR Code 6
Emergency ID Stickers for Hard Hats/PPE 4
Orange Glove 3
Thickness testing of pressure system pipelines 3
GoPro – First Person View Safety Initiatives 2
Tablet Friendly PPE 2
3D PDF – Viewing 3D data in a PDF document 2
Clamshell Excavator 2
Green Rhino Oil and Sediment Filter 2
Magnetic Plant & Logistics Board 2
3D laser scanning of Spray Concrete Lining (SCL) 2
Safety Gloves Messages 2
Voice ‐ Views of the Operatives In the Construction Environment 2
Site and Locality Photospheres 2
Using Google sketch up for planning purposes 2
Diesel Particulate Filter Systems 2
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Devices for Site Health 2
Life Size Men Signs 2
rapid composting of canteen food waste 2
Concrete Pipe Blow-Out Chamber 1
Concrete Placing Boom 1
Giken Silent Piling Rig 1
The Breakfast Club 1
Lifting cradle for lowering large plant into an excavation 1
Collaborative Planning Workshop 1
Survey Control Protection 1
Use of Coloured ‘PPE Free Route’ Barriers 1
Smartsite – Heath monitoring trial 1
Use of Polystyrene 1
PPE for drivers 1
Online Hit Cards 1
Hydraulic Pile Cropper 1
Use of Perspex Hoarding 1
SnagR App 1
J-Safe Fall Restraint System 1
Green Beacon Secondary Dead Man Device 1
Accurate Installation and Protection of Reinforcement Couplers 1
Hard Hat Media TV 1
Temporary Asset Management Register 1
Paperless Hot Works Permit Control System 1
Use of Mobile Tower Lights fuelled by Hydrogen (Ecolite – H2) 1
Prefabricated Scalloped Formwork 1
Recycled Hoarding 1
Turning scanning into modelling 1
3D printing used in light fitting design 1
Colour Coded Permit to Dig 1
Smart Board (BIM) – Interactive and Collaborative Design Review 1
Silt Doctor DR10 1
Managing Dust- Dust Fighter 1
HAZIBAG Hazardous Waste Disposal Bags 1
Service Flags 1
Fire fighting- WaterMist Fire Extinguisher 1
Water Fed: from Bottle to Mains 1
Understanding Drawing Numbers 1
APU2 Aerosol Piercing Equipment 1
Leadership Tours using Tablets and iPhones 1
Yellow walking strips from Blomfield Box 1
Concrete temperature match curing 1
Site Diaries 1
You said, we did board 1
Laser Scan to Structural asbuilt 1
My Zone Technology 1
Innovation Process ‐ Vibration impacts on Heritage buildings 1
Leica Distance Meter for Excavation 1
Installation of 360DEG. CCTV for Excavators 1
Trollex Real Time Dust Monitoring 1
3D Monitoring using Solar Power 1
Blockwork Recycled Content 1
Bond St I&M: Records and Distribution 1
Single Operative Surveying 1
Community Relations Hoarding 1
PDF Annotation 1
Solar powered automated total station & UPS voltage monitoring 1
Workforce communication board 1
Grand Total 102


That’s 102 ideas that have been replicated across the programme – think of the benefits that this will be giving Crossrail! This means that 1/3rd of the ideas published are being reused.
Well done to Pudding Mill Lane for being such prolific pinchers! Have a look at the Pinch with Pride league table:

combined pwp chart

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