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The Innovation team has been supporting the Sustainability team to investigate the feasibility of reusing TAMS (Tube a Manchette) and grout shafts.  Following an initial feasibility study, we agreed to fund a trial to create a source of energy by heat exchange through the TAMs and energy storage at the grout shafts, supporting the decarbonisation of London. So far, tests have confirmed conductivity capability of the TAMs at Whitechapel grout shaft and a report was produced outlining potential energy available from schemes.   The report has demonstrated that the TAMs could be used to provide a green source of energy, provided that sufficient TAMs are used, and that potential issues with private properties overground can be resolved.

A future proofing strategy has been proposed with contractors to ensure schemes to utilise grout shafts and TAMs can be developed further.  Crossrail is now collaborating the research organisation, Geothermal International, to explore commercialisation opportunities, which will be dependent upon engagement with landowners and tenants.

There are 2 exciting opportunities being developed:

  • Talks are underway with Sainsburys, who own some of the land above the Whitechapel network, to understand whether they would like to develop the initiative further.
  • Opportunities to utilise the TAM network around Charterhouse, Farringdon and the Moorgate spurs are being explored. Most of this land is leased by the City of London to Network Rail and TfL, and if successful, this could provide a unique opportunity to commercialise this proposition.

Tam Network


The team is excited about these opportunities, which could deliver a green source of energy to London, and provide additional learning legacy through sustained monitoring of ground movement at some of London’s busiest locations.

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