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Drone Deploy – UAV mapping software

We’ve recently had a “play” with Drone Deploy. This software allows you to capture data and produce many outputs, including .obj and .las files which can be imported into your BIM and CAD models – as well as Unity engine and many other 3D tools.

Some of the features of Drone Deploy are as follows:


Georeferenced orthorectified, maps.

Orthomosaic drone map

Terrain models

Accurate topographic modelling, with DSMs and DTMs.

Topography map

NDVI analysis (The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is an index of plant “greenness” or photosynthetic activity, and is one of the most commonly used vegetation indices. Vegetation indices are based on the observation that different surfaces reflect different types of light differently.)

Simple crop health visualisations with 5 algorithms.

NDVI map sample

3D models

Detailed, accurate 3D models and point clouds.

Orthomosaic drone map


In addition to this it provides you with the ability to annotate, measure volume and area as well as distances between objects. Below is a very basic flight at Plumstead Depot. As this was our first time of trialling the software we did not want to over do it. However, the flight took less than 5 minutes to perform and provides a fair bit of data too. All the number crunching is performed on drone deploy’s servers, but all the data is exportable. Since this is the trial version the resolution is not as high as it can be, but it gives a good idea of what is possible.

The next step is do do a bigger flight plan, but also, can you imagine creating a 3D model using a thermal imaging camera? I think that could be pretty cool.

Here is our flight plan

flight plan

It then gives us this projection:

flight path

You can annotate it and add some calculations of volume and area:

volume comments

Measure lengths:


Measure radius and area:

radius and area

Create elevation models:


Create NDVI models:


Create interactive 3D models:


We had a go over another part of Plumstead:

capture 2

Here’s its 3D model:



The software has only JUST been released so we are learning how to use it. We hope to go back to Plumstead again in a couple of weeks and do a more complex flight plan and hopefully capture more data. We set the height to be 75m above ground – so there are potentials for more/less detailed projections.


I think this is pretty cool and adds more potential uses and benefits for using a drone on sites or in construction in the future. The software isn’t perfect, but it’s a start and something that will be exciting to keep ahead of!

2 Responses to “Drone Deploy – UAV mapping software”

  1. Looks Fantastic Will! Not heard of them before but will start looking into drone Deploy.
    Exactly what I was after, I’ll show this to Guilhem as It would be great to get this at Westbourne park!
    So have you uploaded this into the move?
    Being able to load up a Drone deploy of the Site and overlay the 3D design model would be amazing.

    • Hi Daniel Schofield (ATC) 


      I can extract to .OBJ, .MTL and .LAS files – it does point cloud scanning too. If I send you the file maybe we can see if it works?


      We are going back next week to do a bigger flight – this was only 4mins worth of capture and we captured over 14,000 m² – it was easy to do.


      I’d love to try this at westbourne park. We’re experimenting at Plumstead for now though. If you were to get ground reference points, you should be able to fly indoors (tunnels) with the same level of accuracy too.


      When we have a bigger/better model, maybe I can pop over and we can try to upload it?

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