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For Landrover enthusiasts, you will know how much this has hurt me! For construction companies, this applies to you too.

My beloved Landrover Defender 110 has been stolen from my driveway. Despite being locked, alarmed, immobilised and off the road it was taken in the early hours without any disturbance to me, my family or neighbours. Before this, I was sure it was safe and thought no more about it whilst pampering the bodywork with shampoo earlier in the day.

Three days on and I know how I could have stopped this incident from happening and so I have been kicking myself ever since.

The Police were called immediately and to their credit, conducted a door to door enquiry within the hour but a subsequent letter from the Met stating ‘Closing Investigation‘ and ‘No Further Action‘ was inevitable.  Once my Insurance company were notified I spent the rest of the day feeling vulnerable and wondering how this could have happened to me. My sudden state of awareness put me at DEFCON 1 (UK Critical)

My immediate response was to go out and buy a top of the range CCTV recording system, 50watt LED floodlights, relocate my trailer which was parked on my driveway to a relative far away for safekeeping, reenforce my garage door, double check all windows and doors were locked and have spent every evening since staring at the CCTV monitor thinking this will reduce the risks.

A knee jerk reaction for sure. Belt and braces felt like the answer. Everything stops and you evaluate, reflect and put measures in place to prevent it from happening again.


All is good until something devastating happens and only then do you stop and think about your own safety and of those around you. We continue to be lucky everyday never knowing what is round the corner and yet, rarely do we think about the simple steps we can put in place that may prevent an incident occurring in the first place.

I now know that If I had parked at an awkward angle on the drive, had additional steering wheel or handbrake lock fitted my vehicle would still be sat on my drive. Simple stuff right? But I also know that one day my beloved Landrover will be replaced with another and life will go on as I slip back into a complacent world ‘as normal’. It is just a 3 tonne lump of metal after all. Quickly forgotten.

We carry the same amount of luck with us everyday and continue as we are, mostly without thinking and very often on auto-pilot. And of course, whilst all is good, we have no need to put right what is not wrong! It’s not even in our thoughts. We carry this at home and we bring it to work with us. So, when it comes to our safety on a construction site, we will always focus on the do’s and dont’s whilst constructing amazing things. Luck is with us and all is good. Then one day the luck runs out.

How can we identify the risks leading to a hazard that does not yet exist?

What simple steps will you put in place knowing all is good but with the knowledge that one day the results of your actions will have devastating consequences for those around you?

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