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Welcome to our new site!

Hello  everyone,

Welcome to the new Innovate18 portal.

Change is always a little strange, and can be difficult to deal with – but at the same time it can be exciting and inspiring! Please do provide feedback (on all aspects including look and feel) and continue to submit ideas or contact us if you need any help.

We also do have a fair few innovations that need to be uploaded – but we will be doing this over the next few weeks.

Also, we would like to ask for our Champions and innovation leads of our partners to nominate a person to be a content manager (i.e. you will be able to upload your own innovations!). So please do send us an email at innovation@crossrail.co.uk to let us know who you want to nominate.

There is a workflow and uploads will be approved, but it means you are free to upload whatever you want – all we do is check that it is not a duplicate, or so we can award you with a “pinch with pride”.

I know the site looks a little different, and is a little empty, but with your help and a little time we will be back up and running.

In the mean time do get in touch with me, or @maggie-brown if you need any help with our new portal. We’re learning how to use it too!

Thank you for your patience, and please do contribute!

Will (Innovation Programme Manager)

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  1. You can also subscribe to certain discussion forums by clicking on the “subscribe” comment at the top of the discussion forums.

    By modifying your profile you can receive more/less notifications of what is happening on the portal.

    People are slowly joining up again – I hope more people will start to get involved!


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