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Innovation Advent Day 6 – World Quality Day

Welcome back to Innovation Advent. Today we have a guest blog from Karen Young, Tideway Head of Quality, who tells us about the Tideway antics on World Quality Day.


On the 10th of November Tideway celebrated World Quality Day (WQD). WQD is designed to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards both organisational and national growth and prosperity. We had presentations about continuous improvement and marginal gains by BQF (acronym), Breakfast tool box talks and brown bag sessions with our MWC’s, Quality street sweets (a bit cheesy – but why not? – any excuse for chocolate), a Quality quiz and puzzles. We also set a “Come Fly with Me” paper plane challenge –  Register as a Pilot, choose a design (or one of your own), and see how far it would fly!

Well, pilots were registered, planes were constructed, maiden flights were taken!

And the results…

There was Mohammad Hamad’s flight, captured on Yammer and deemed epic by spectators, and Paul Morris even managed to fly his in Dubai airport. Air commander (Scott) Young & 1st officer (Andy) Triggs Hodge made a sterling attempt to set the target for the longest flight, though Squadron Leader (Lloyd) Constable, and Flying officer (Emily) McKenna were more focused on aircraft livery than flight performance. First prize for design goes to Lloyd, however, the overall winner for innovative design and furthest flight was Air Commodore Nigel Antao, who used his own design to meet the challenge!


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With Yammer buzzing throughout the day, the events raised the profile of Quality within Tideway, introduced lean and continuous improvement into our conversations and helped to launch our ‘quality challenge’ to collaboratively discover how we can:

  • Eliminate waste in our daily activities
  • Make errors preventable not inevitable – get things right first time
  • Improve our way of working to make us all more effective and efficient.

World Quality Day gave us the opportunity to raise the awareness that quality can help us improve the way we work at Tideway by making us Safer, Smarter and Better.

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Big thanks to Karen for our first guest blog for our innovation advent calendar. There are definitely big links between innovation and quality. If you can use an innovative approach to improve quality or ensure you get it right first time, that can create huge value. And in fact, we sit right next to the quality team so we are perfectly positioned to collaborate!

If you think you can contribute to Karen’s challenge, Karen and her team are on the lookout for volunteers to be Lean champions from all areas. There will be an awareness session in January to give an overview of the tools in the developing Continuous Improvement Tool Box, and then an opportunity to train as Green Belts as part of an in-House tailored course. Add a comment below or drop Karen an email to find out more!

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