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Innovation Advent Day 16 – Seeing out 2016 with a BIG bang!

horrificToday see’s the Tideway Innovation Forum (TIF) meet for the fifth time this year, during which we have created the Great Think innovation programme from scratch! The meeting was hosted at COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT) of which Tideway are corporate members. All members of the Alliance are represented @ TIF with the aim of promoting a collaborative culture of innovation across Tideway, the infrastructure industry (via i3P), academia and the wider supply chain. We kicked off with an alternate ‘Safety Moment’, highlighting the horrific histories in the life of construction workers during the Victorian era (where it was statistically safer to be a daredevil tightrope artist than constructing tunnels) as brilliantly demonstrated by our EPIC acting colleagues from Att (see image)


Georgia Gordon briefed the group on the outcomes of the Professional Development Network (PDN ) conference 2016 (click HERE for the highlights video) where we were challenged by CEO Andy Mitchell to consider the issues constraining use of emerging technologies in the infrastructure sector. Sophie McPhillips then hosted an interactive session for TIF members to consider the top 10 ideas resulting from the Hackathon which took place during the conference (more on PDN next week). Sophie will now consider the collective feedback and assess which ideas we might wish to bring back to TIF for further consideration in 2017. The session was so successful, Georgia has been invited to i3P Forum in January 2017 to brief the wider group on how the industry can successfully use ‘hacks’ to determine new innovation opportunities.

During TIF, Micheal Clarke (BMB Tideway West) promoted a new Augmented Reality opportunity for Tideway for which he was seeking match funded investment. Several updates on the ‘big bang’ invested projects were  also presented (Ultra Wide Band tracking, Autonomous Drone technologies for asset inspections and non-destructive Annular Grouting Verification). Harrison o’Hara (COMIT) also introduced his big bang project ‘Safer with Technology’.

The session concluded with a round table discussion to consider how best to roll out the Great Think programme in early 2017 across the Alliance, including thoughts from some of our innovation champions and project directors. I have been invited to the Alliance Management Team meeting (AMT) next week to brief the wider group as to progress and next steps, whilst the innovation team will be busy preparing branded content in accordance with our external affairs colleagues as part of a comprehensive communications strategy for our Alliance colleagues in the new year.

Minutes and photos from TIF will be hosted right here on i3P in due course. Innovation advent will continue right up to 23rd December so keep your mince pies peeled!

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