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Innovation Advent Day 22 – Tech Yule be using in 2017

Our new blog star Harrison O’Hara gives us his take on tech to watch out for in 2017, with Christmas puns included!




2017 promises to be a cracker! So, what to expect from technology?

Yule certainly be seeing things differently with the increase of wearable technology, especially the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets. 2016 has seen the launch of VR headsets from major players, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Facebook, Windows and Google. In 2017 we will develop substantial solutions around this technology to bring real business benefits.


The presents of robotics on construction sites will increase throughout 2017. Crossrail is using a fully automated drilling rig for the fit out stage of the tunnel and an Australian tech company have built a robotic bricklaying system. Robotics will be explored to alleviate construction activities that are labour intensive or could impose risk to human life. We are a way off from elf-efficient robots being let loose on our sites, but one to watch for 2017.


3D printing is a stable technology, but it still has snow much more potential. 3D printing has demonstrated it can be faster and cheaper than traditional methods, but this shouldn’t be Claus for concern for our concrete workers just yet, there is still a considerable amount of work required before this becomes common practice.

You might think that’s all…but there’s myrrh!


Drones are being flown around like Santa’s Sleigh to carry out complete site surveys and inspections. The drones are either remotely controlled or preloaded with autonomous flight plans. Drones have been used in 2016 for photogrammetry, video footage and point cloud, but with better regulation and more competition, we are expecting more growth in 2017.

This is by Noel way the extent of technology to expect in 2017 and hopefully new technologies will be sprouting up throughout the year. It definitely promises to be an exciting time and very much looking forward to the year ahead.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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