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I3P Portal Development Updates

Dear all,

This post is cross linked to the discussion forum topic where I will be keeping a running log of feedback/updates to the I3P portal.

You can join in the discussion here:

I3P Development Updates








Wearing my KTN / I3P hat on I’d like to keep you up to date with the website development and updates. Also to let you know of the feedback we have received to date.

4th Jan 2017:

  • Feedback form – this now automatically generates an email and sends it to our management backend which enables us to keep track of any bugs/suggestions that come in.
  • Backend database to capture content submitted on the idea form and feedback form – this ensure that should any IT comms issues occur we have a copy of the ideas submitted so that we can re-send them to you should you not have received them.
  • Allowing Partners to set a URL on their contact details without the “http:” in the copy. Example below:


Which will display as follows:


I will keep this discussion up to date as more updates are deployed. You can see the deployment updates here:

Site updates

Feedback received:

Thank you to @paul-morris-3 and @george-holder for your feedback and suggestions so far. They have been received and will be looked into. We can either update you here, or in private, please let me know how if you’d like to discuss it further or if you’d like me to post them in here.

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