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Great news article on the successes of Innovate18 at Crossrail and how I3P will continue its legacy

We were visited by a gang of reporters from Construction News among others before Christmas. Laing O’Rourke were showcasing their innovative approach and collaboration with our Innovate18 programme. They have been massive contributors to our innovation programme and are proud to be part of it, and proud to share. This is the key to our success, sharing.

The Construction News article is one of nearly a dozen articles that I have been involved in, and there is a growing appetite to hear about innovation in the infrastructure industry. So the I3P is well placed to be able to influence this, get more communications out there on I3P and what we are trying to do.

The industry recognises there is a need for this, but perhaps it doesn’t realise the appetite that exists out there to make it happen. As mentioned at the forum on Tuesday (10th January) we all need to dig in and establish the capacity to deliver innovation within our organisations – it won’t happen organically (yet), and it is key that we weave ourselves (and the innovation concept) into the DNA of the industry and the companies that we represent to change the culture, and bring back the “child-like” curiosity that helps drive change. “What if?” “Why?” and “Why not?” are questions that should be applied to current practices and encouraged to bring changes in thinking.

I know from the past few years speaking to a dozens of senior managers, consultants and people very experienced in this industry stating that a lot of things just have not changed in the industry enough to have a notable impact. Sure, technology is slowly percolating into working practices, but it is still seen as “quaint” or “nice to have”, rather that being stipulated. Though, one must be aware of not innovation for the sake of innovation – we must derive value; Be it, economical, social or most importantly saving lives. However, sometimes one must invest in the quick wins to build a little credibility, and show that we are capable of making a difference and actually delivering & implementing change.

Let’s keep up the momentum and I look forward to working with all of you to make sure we continue this great work.




I have uploaded the document to I3P in case you cannot view the article:

Construction News article

6 Responses to “Great news article on the successes of Innovate18 at Crossrail and how I3P will continue its legacy”

  1. It was really interesting to read this – thanks for sharing. Really agree with your point that innovation should not just be for the sake of innovation and that we must derive value from it. One of the biggest opportunities I see is for innovation in the construction industry to reduce environmental effects. If we can solve those sorts of issues, it will substantially assist projects get permissions and consents from regulators, which will hugely speed up delivery, whilst providing better health and safety outcomes for the workforce and the wider neighbours of the project. Win-wins all round, but as you point out, it’s trying to weave it into the DNA of people’s mindsets that is the hard bit. Maybe we need Derren Brown to help!

      • Thanks for the comment Philip – we’ll get there. This is where we (as a group of like-minded individuals) can make a difference, and where the I3P, with it’s heavier weight and delivery capability will be able to create more credibility and relevance to the industry.

        As soon as innovation, the I3P and the work that we can achieve is seen as relevant, and having significant impact, the support and acceptance to change will be a lot easier.

        That said, if we could borrow Derren Brown I’m sure we could influence the industry faster!

  2. [Try browsing in incognito mode if you get stuck behind the CN paywall]
    Well worth a read to see some of the projects supported by Innovate18 and pleasing to see the programme getting the publicity.
    Really like the call to return to being curious, it’s something I think we all want to be, but aren’t always (”that’s just the way it’s done”).

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