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Crossrail trials Digital Asset management with 3D Repo

Asset management in a project of this size is always going to be a challenge. In fact there is a whole team dedicated to it at Crossrail, and undoubtedly all other large infrastructure projects.

We have had several attempts to integrate a digital solutions to assets at Crossrail, whilst the appetite is there, there does not seem to be a one-stop solution that satisfies all the asset managers. Fortunately, we have been able to secure a trial working with 3D Repo – whilst it may not be the best or only solution, it will be good to actually perform a trial to learn and understand the impact that digital asset management can have on a large project.

I think it has to be the way forward, and as technology improves, connectivity improves and with the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) looming, we need to start understanding how to integrate systems and work digitally. This is not only sensible in terms of assurance and audit processes, but in terms of efficiency, data exchange, handover, reporting and no doubt a plethora of other opportunities that I have not thought of.

Here is an article giving a quick overview of the trial:



As and when we get some data / results back from the trials I will endeavour to update this post or create our usual share. I am glad we have been able to get a trial going, I think there is a massive opportunity for sharing the outputs of this trial and look forward to seeing how it develops. I will keep you posted.

There are no doubt many other solutions for digital asset management, but we met Jozef (CEO of 3D Repo) a while back, and has been keep to make his software work for our requirements. I am happy to put you in touch, or alternatively contact him via his website below:

3D Repo Website

Do mention that you read about it on I3P / Crossrail’s innovation team – I know he would welcome further trials with any of you.


This is one of the trials we had done with 3D Repo a while back:


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