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i3P in three words

We recently held the inaugural meeting of the Innovation Leadership Group (ILG) at the bright and inspiring Applied Innovation Exchange at Capgemini. ILG is a sub-group of i3P made up of representatives from the i3P member organisations. It’s chaired by Maggie Brown, Innovation Manager for Hinkley Point C, and myself. What became clear in our meeting is that ILG is shaping up to be a group of hugely passionate and knowledgeable and driven individuals, all keen to drive i3P activities and support it to meet its aims.

While you will begin to see some of our outputs coming out in the next few months, for now I thought I would share what we started the meeting with. We discussed ‘Why are we here?’ – so people introduced their drivers and motivations for being part of ILG, in just 3 words. Here’s a selection…

  • Here to Learn
  • UK leading world
  • 21st century efficiency
  • Data driven innovation
  • Actions not Words
  • Building relationships (with) ideas
  • Innovation collaboration solutions
  • Curious and hopeful
  • Learn Care Connect
  • Participate Contribute Share
  • Innovate Activate Master
  • Collaborating with Partners
  • Enabling Positive Change
  • Power of One
  • Innovate and Amaze
  • Innovation or Extinction
  • Together we’re Stronger
  • Deliver value quickly
  • Drive the future
  • Make a difference
  • Understand Future Develop
  • Driving Industry Forward
  • Innovate Share Standardise


If you’re an ILG representative or would like to meet them, head over the Forum where we are starting to introduce ourselves and continue the conversation.

Innovation Leadership Group – Introductions



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  1. The inaugural meeting of the ILG was bathed in energy and intent, which was brought into sharp focus at the end by an inspiring address from Andy Mitchell, i3P Chair. For all you innovators out there in all the i3P member companies, make sure that you know who your ILG representative is because they are the lifeblood of innovation and should be your ‘go to’ person when you need advice or support on how to leverage ideas into outcomes… Have fun and innovate!

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