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Spreading the word on Tideway and innovation for BITC week

I headed down to Lyndhurst Primary School in Southwark yesterday morning to present to 60 very keen future innovators in Year 2 about the Tideway project, and had a brilliant time telling them not only about the tunnel and what a great job we’re doing at transforming the river, but hopefully sparking their interest in the concept of innovation and why it’s so important.


After a brief history of London’s problems with sewage (see left!), I showed them Tideway’s solution to the modern problems the river is facing and even a couple of minutes of quite technical video showing how a TBM propels itself forward (top question being: but what about the driver and how do they get home for their tea each afternoon?!).


We talked about innovation and it was exciting to see their faces light up with delight when showing them how VR technology could transform the way they play games like Minecraft – and then going on to explain how we are trying to incorporate the same ideas to help us deliver the project Safer, Smarter, Better.  All very pertinent for me, having been at a BITC event on their ‘Brave New World’ report (which can be downloaded here) the day before – where we were told that 65% of jobs that our primary school aged children will do have yet to be invented.

It was great to see so much natural enthusiasm for the project in general, and of course much excitement about trying on various items of PPE.  With all the tech in the world, sometimes you can’t beat a bit of old-fashioned dressing up!





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