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Interesting piece in Future of Construction.

An industry ripe for tech disruption

Despite some reticence, the construction industry is on the cusp of a technology revolution which will reshape its future. see page 6


  1. Hi Mike, thanks for sharing, there a number of interesting articles in the publication, and great to see the quote from Nick and profile for I3P.

    This whole conundrum, about how our industry is so inhibited in trying out new ideas and adopting better ways of working is something I would love to solve – I am sure all of us involved with I3P would! The frustration is that even when a better approach is demonstrated on a project there has traditionally been no guarantee that this will be consistently re-used on the next project and beyond. I guess that is something I3P is set up to help address, with the portal at least addressing visibility of innovations.

    I really do feel (and hope) that our industry is on the cusp of a technology revolution, I hope that technology will act as an effective disrupter – and help to challenge the ‘this is how we’ve all ways done it around here’ mindset that is commonly present and which acts as a barrier to change. This matters – we are a significant part of the economy, and what we do has tangible impact on the lives of everybody in our society. Our industry is full of talented and passionate people, I really do believe that if we can create openness – both an openness to change, and an openness in our approach to collaboration – that we can have an even greater positive impact on the world around us.

    Technology is not the whole answer, but technology as a disrupter gives us a great opportunity to shake things up a little (or a lot). That’s part of the reason why I think the technology roadmap I3P are developing is so important.

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