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A year of sharing innovation at Tideway

We’re celebrating today after realising that at Tideway we have shared at least one innovation every month for a whole year, with a total of 53 shared innovations! That’s 12 months of sharing new products, technologies and new ways of working, and 12 months of shared value for Tideway.

Here are some of the highlights…

From the early days, East shared their discovery of (almost) Silent Jet Washers. I know these are now also in use on sites by West – perhaps our first cross-project ‘Pinch with Pride’. The CVB HSW Incident Reporting ‘app’ (more a very mobile-friendly website) has certainly impressed many across the project, allowing colleagues to submit observation cards from their mobile phone or access on-call lists.

More recently we have seen some brilliant lessons learned from the diaphragm walling at Kirtling Street, with the Hydromill cleaning brush (think giant boot cleaner) and sacrificial fiberglass spacers for the reinforcement cages. Well done to subcontractor Geocisa as well as the FLO teams bringing these innovations to reality.

Over in West, BMB showed us that inductions don’t all need to be death by Powerpoint with their Game Board Induction, plus shared their adoption of ‘Self-fit custom-moulded hearing protection’, offering time and cost savings for the same safety benefit.

Finally, not forgetting that innovation doesn’t only happen on site, from the Tideway core teams we have shared smart uses of MS Visual Basic to literally save weeks of admin and processing time, plus an app from the GIS team to make site inspections paperless and more efficient.

You can view all of the project’s shared innovations by visiting the Innovations page and filtering on Tideway. If you want more information contact the innovator in the post, or email innovation@tideway.london.

We know there are lots of amazing and clever things happening across the project and we are always looking for more things to share – if you or your team has improved a process, used a great new product, improved safety, we want to hear about it. Head to ‘Share an innovation’ to share your value with the rest of the Alliance, and then explore the rest of the site to see what you could ‘Pinch with Pride’ to use for yourself.

Thanks to all who have shared and here’s to another year of innovation!

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