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i3P engaging with ICG and Project 13…

When we published and launched the Technology Roadmap for UK Construction & National Infrastructure at the CLC Leadership Event at MTC on 11th July (see i3P portal to download a copy), as well as the 3 strategic theme roadmaps (Digital Transformation/Manufacturing Construction/Life Cycle Performance) we included an initial roadmap for ‘Non-Technology – Critical Elements’.

It has long been recognised (reference the many reports on the industry published over the past 10 years) that unless the construction and infrastructure industry fundamentally changes its behaviours and the commercial model then introducing radical change and improvements through innovation will be extremely difficult (impossible?) to achieve…

The Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) composed of most of the major client organisations in the industry and chaired by our own Andy Mitchell has been working on ‘Project 13’ over the past months and this has resulted in the recent publication of ‘From Transactions to Enterprises – a New Approach to Delivering High Performing Infrastructure’ (this is available from the ICE website).

Project 13 is composed of 5 Task Groups:

  • Governance
  • Organisation
  • Integration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Capable Owner

In order to ensure complete alignment between the technology roadmaps and the non-technology elements, I have been meeting each of the Project 13 leads to understand their approach and plans, and to share our i3P outputs and plans. Everyone is committed to working collaboratively to create our new future, one that works and creates a sustainable future for all client and supply chain organisations for the benefit of users and UK plc.

I will provide updates over the coming months but you can also search under ‘ICG’ on the ICE website.

Happy collaborating!




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