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Safer with Technology!

The Great Think Big Bang 7 – Safer with Technology

Inspired by the Tideway works information! (WI – written a long time before the concept of innovation @ Tideway), here at ‘The Great Think’, we believe that by adopting the latest mobile, wearable and autonomous technologies on our worksites, this will result in safer workspaces, heathier operatives and more efficient engineers. All of which results in an inspired workforce and higher quality of product by doing it the: 

In collaboration withand Harrison O’Hara (Costain technology manager), Harrison was seconded to Tideway Health Safety & Wellbeing team for a 6 month period (thanks to a Tideway Innovation Forum investment of £60,000) to consider the practical implications of freely allowing the use of mobile technology on site.

His comprehensive report (via link above) has been complemented via a beta testing website, from which you can read about the latest technologies, consider the risks of using them on site and produce a bespoke RAMS (for approval by the site Contracting Organisation), with the goal of permitting approved / trained personnel to use the latest technologies on site @ Tideway. Basically, treating technology as a tool for the job, no different to any other site task!

Once Tideway Alliance Transformational Health & Safety Leadership Group (THSG) has considered the ramifications of Big Bang 7 with regards to the safe delivery of our programme (an industry disruption according to COMIT – in theory removing traditional mobile technology ‘safe gated zones’), we will seek pilot sites to test this RAMS generator ahead a wider roll-out at Tideway.

Who knows what the future holds, but for sure 2022 tech will look very different from 2017! Via Big Bang 7, Tideway has safeguarded the potential to adopt the latest technologies on our sites and extract the productivity gains whilst inspiring the next generation of digital engineers.

Watch this space…..Thanks to Harrison and Jason @ COMIT for all their hard work, plus the visionary Tideway Health, Safety and Wellbeing team for sponsoring this project.

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