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Innovation Thinking Group Decide on Final Carbon Reduction Innovations Ahead of TIF

We had an excellent meeting yesterday at Tideway’s new office at Cottons Centre in London Bridge, to decide upon the final shortlist of ideas that would make it through to the final of our E-Mission Possible Carbon Reduction Challenge.

Round the table alongside Tideway’s Innovation and Sustainability teams were Tideway’s innovation champions, representatives from the Environment teams across the Alliance, and special guest Damien Canning, Sustainability Lead at Costain.

Out of the 26 ideas submitted (with only two duplications), ten ideas were put forward for discussion by their sponsor.  As each one was up against the clock, it was followed by brief but passionate discussion around the table to determine the merits of each.  Ideas ranged from carbon capture through promoting intertidal planting and a floating hire shop, through to the installation of a living wall on the acoustic shed!

Suspense ran high as after a short break, everyone was asked to nominate their top three innovations using Slido – and you can see the results below.  The top five as listed below will be developed further with the innovation and sustainability teams over the coming week, with the aim of presenting them to the Tideway Innovation Forum for TIF X-Mas on Friday 1st December.



A huge thanks to everyone who took part yesterday – lots of hard work in the coming days as we polish the business cases and get the presenters pitch-perfect – but it should be a great event and fingers crossed, with some innovation funding secured to help develop one or more innovations in their goal of reducing carbon or improving air quality.




3 Responses to “Innovation Thinking Group Decide on Final Carbon Reduction Innovations Ahead of TIF”

  1. This is a great initiative by the Tideway team with excellent support and interest from everyone in the Alliance. Special thanks to Steve Kaye at Anglian Water for engaging and supporting our ‘eMission Possible’ – a perfect example of collaborative working by another i3P member organisation…

  2. Nice work guys, look forward to seeing the follow up pieces come December!

    Personally curious RE plant telematics, we’ve seen this around for a fair amount of time now, it was used sporadically on plant on crossrail, with manufacturers building it into plant as standard now. Hopefully it can become a real ‘standard’ with the data being used to make positive change!

  3. One week to go until TIF ‘X’mas!
    Thanks to all the hard work of the Tideway Alliance, some genuinely great collaboration on display. Thanks to our innovators and champions, plus environment managers for their continued support, plus special mention to Damien Canning (Costain) for offering his guest expertise as part of iTG (innovation Thinking Group).
    We look forward to the TIF investment pitches next Friday 1st December and we welcome Steve Kaye of Anglian Water as our guest expert adjudicator!
    i3P in action, right here @ The Great Think 🙂

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