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i3P established as a force for change across UK infrastructure.

For the second time in less than a week, i3P has been referenced in Government Strategy as a force for
change in driving collaboration, innovation and opportunity across UK infrastructure.

Launched earlier today, the Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy [TIES] describes seven challenges
that the Department for Transport and its delivery bodies will address to improve UK transport infrastructure
efficiency. The Strategy was produced by Crossrail, Highways England, HS2 Ltd, Network Rail, Transport
for London and Department for Transport.

As part of the strategy, these contributors reference i3P in the context of wider government initiatives, such
as the industrial strategy, the construction sector deal, and the Infrastructure Project Authority’s
transforming infrastructure programme.

Also today, the UK Government has published its policy paper entitled Transforming Infrastructure
Performance [TIP]. This paper outlines the government’s plan to improve the delivery and performance of
infrastructure and boost construction sector productivity.

As part of TIP, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority highlighted – as an immediate priority – membership
of and deeper engagement with i3P in order to “catalyse and disseminate innovation & best practice”.
i3P is now firmly established as a platform for transformational change in the infrastructure and
construction sector. The platform is well placed, through development of the technology roadmaps, the
discovery project programme and strategic relationships, to make a fundamental difference to the way in
which innovation is channelled and supported in UK infrastructure.

To find out more about how your business can engage more fully in i3p or contribute to platform
development, contact Colin Tattam on 07515-334- 816 or colin.tattam@ktn-uk.org

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