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RightWay Bootcamp!

A Wellbeing bootcamp, done the “rightway.”

As part of the innovation programme at Tideway an idea was pitched at the “dragon’s den” to evolve a traditional physical fitness bootcamp in to one that applies a “whole person approach.”  It recognises that there are different elements to an individual’s wellbeing that goes beyond your physical health including your mental, social, financial and career wellbeing.  Some of the topics included; sleep, nutrition and creating energy, positive relationships, financial planning, resilience and time management.   All are interlinked and for long term, behaviour change we need to focus on a number of different elements of your life. 

Like many organisations we recognise that the health and wellbeing of our people are an essential part of Tideway’s success.  Our pilot of the “Rightway” bootcamp took 12 people through an 8 week programme of interactive group and one to one coaching sessions.  Each participant was also given the latest fitbit and added to an online group portal that shared each participant’s daily progress.  It introduced some healthy competition but also helped the group motivate each other.

The trial has just come to an end and a full report will be available in the New Year.  Samira Beckett, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Nurse at Tideway and also the ‘bootcamps’ project manager said, “The trial has been a great success so far, we’ve learnt a lot and identified areas that need improving before we can roll out on a larger scale.  The most positive observation I’ve had is observing a group of people come together and be very open and honest but also support one another.”

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  1. Hi Paul, this looks like a fantastic initiative – I think I might have seen some of the activities when I visited the Tideway team a few weeks back! Recognition that performance and behavior are influenced by individual wellbeing is an important message – I would be really interested in seeing the report when it is published.

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