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First of a Kind (FoaK) 2 Rail Competition Briefing-Demonstrating tomorrow’s stations and a greener railway

Opens 8 October 2018

Do you have an innovative product and service that is ready for market exploitation, but has not yet been tested in a real-world railway environment?

Or are you a railway organisation with a vision to upgrade and future proof your rolling stock, infrastructure or stations?

If so, this First of a Kind (FoaK) 2 Competition will be for you. It is being delivered to “evaluate new rail technologies for the first time in real-world rail environments.”

The themes for this FoaK2 competition are:

  1. Decarbonising the railways: Decarbonisation is a priority across the network, including stations, rolling stock and infrastructure. Optimising energy use is a challenge that prioritises optimised on-board and lineside energy storage technologies, energy recovery systems, small-scale energy generation and harvesting technologies, novel electrification techniques and lightweight vehicle technology.
  2. Customer experience in stations: This theme focuses on demonstrating how innovative technology can be integrated for the first time in a railway station. Within this theme, the vision of this competition is to fit a single station with a number of innovative solutions to enhance the passengers’ experience of using the station and to deliver a vision of the ‘station of the future’.

Innovate UK, on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT), will manage this FoaK 2 competition to accelerate innovation in the UK rail sector, enabling innovative solutions to take the final step to market readiness and integration into the railway system.

FoaK 2 will break down barriers to the delivery of innovations into the rail industry, by proving that the innovation delivers the expected outcomes when integrated in a complex real-world rail application.

Innovations for this competition must be:

  • High TRL proven technologies – i.e. market ready
  • Very low technology risk
  • The focus will be on: Integration activities; Demonstration proof of concept to customers and end-users; Collecting feedback from customers and users; Real innovations in the real world

Businesses can apply for a share of a substantial pot of money for First of a Kind technology to demonstrate aspects of tomorrow’s railway today. This competition offers the potential of 100% funding, with projects starting in early 2019.

Briefings events in York (9th October) and London (11th October).Competition process presentations will also be available via webcast, and Cardiff(17th October).

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