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Department for Transport information gathering-Have your say on how to improve funding calls, government contracts and investments

Request from DfT

Have your say on how to improve funding calls, government contracts and investments and information sharing in transport security.

At the Department for Transport (DfT) we work with our agencies and partners to develop and deliver a transport network that works for everyone. Through our investment, we aim to make people’s journeys better, faster, and easier both for today, and in the future. We are also helping support our economy, and the interests of the whole of the UK, to create a safer, more secure and sustainable transport system.

DfT makes extensive use of science and technology research to support its work in transport security. DfT works with partners in academia and industry to maintain the safety, security and resilience of the transport network in response to risks from terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural hazards and other emergencies. This includes a research programme that provides a robust scientific evidence base, innovative security solutions, and advice on standards-setting for security technology. In addition, we provide scientific support to the emergency response when incidents occur.

Collaboration with industry is an essential part of this work, therefore, the relationships we have with industry partners are very important to us. In order to strengthen and improve our collaborative practices, the security science and research team at DfT are collecting feedback from a wide range of organisations.

We would be very grateful for your time in completing a short survey.

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