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Proposal for a new approach to building: call for evidence

Before committing to a new approach to building, the government is consulting to understand how prepared the sector is to adapt to this change and support the delivery of this approach.

Take part before 17 February 

The call for evidence will run for 12 weeks, closing on 17 February at 11:45pm. All questions and responses with your interest should be submitted by email to pdfma@ipa.gov.uk.

The consultation 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced at Budget 2017 that five central government departments would adopt a presumption in favour of offsite construction. This showed that the government was committed to leveraging its buying power to support the modernisation of the construction sector.

Following these commitments, the government is now taking the next steps to implement this measure by setting out a new approach to building. The new approach will be adopted across government departments where it presents value for money. The government has called this a platform approach to design for manufacture and assembly (P-DfMA).

It proposes that government departments can take a consistent approach to construction by using standardised and inter-operable components from a wide base of suppliers across a range of different buildings. This is to drive a new market for manufacturing in construction and thereby take advantage of economies and efficiencies of scale.

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