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Priority Project Update: Offsite Logistics Workshop Report

Hosted by the KTN, Heathrow & Mace recently held the first workshop in the Offsite Logistics priority project this month to capture our industries perceived ‘Current State’ & ‘Ideal State’ of logistics in relation to offsite.

We had fantastic attendance from the clients, contractors and consultants of i3P as well as additional industry partners.

The report can be accessed here: i3P Offsite Logistics Workshop 1 Report

The report from this workshop contains a workshop summary, the outputs and our proposed next steps; our ask from the i3P community in conjunction with this is to:

  • Review the proposed research areas; provide comments and propose individuals (from within their organisations or wider) who should contribute to the project(s)
  • Identify & share any ongoing logistics projects taking place within your organisations with the Priority Project team

Should you have any questions, want to know more or have projects that can contribute to this workstream please contact:

George Holder – George.holder@macegroup.com



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