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Tideway’s first Technical Conference a roaring success

Thursday 28 March marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir Joseph Bazalgette. Whether by design or divine coincidence, it also marked the first Tideway Technical Conference. This event, spearheaded by Tideway’s Chief Technical Officer, Roger Bailey, was designed to reflect on the technical achievements that have been made so far on the project and to look ahead to see how these achievements can be expanded upon to benefit the wider construction industry.


The day kicked off with a welcome from ICE President Andrew Wyllie, which was followed by presentations showcasing innovations from across the project including the BIM cube from Tom Price and the electrically powered Hydrofraise form James Keegan and Martin Stanley. Presenters not only faced questions from the audience, but also faced a vote as to which was the most favoured presentation. This was won by the presentation on the Lining Erector Machine which was delivered by Matthew Tolan, Alex Lake and Robert Smith and who received an award at the Awards Reception in the evening.

The afternoon session was introduced by Nathan Baker, ICE Director of Engineering Knowledge, who challenged attendees to forget about what they were currently working on and be creative in thinking about how to tackle the challenges of the future.




Attendees chose from four different ICE knowledge campaign themes for the afternoon session:

  • Energy, resilience and climate change
  • Digital transformation
  • Professionalism and skills
  • Productivity

There were some engaging discussions taking place within these sessions with some serious conversations around how the construction industry can have a positive impact.

The afternoon was brought to a close with an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with Tideway CEO, Andy Mitchell. Questions thrown Andy’s way focused on tackling the lack of diversity within the industry and how Tideway can make a difference. The day ended with the Awards Reception which celebrated outstanding work across the project. Chaired by Tideway Chairman, Sir Neville Simms, award winners were presented with a rather fitting, tunnel shaped trophy.

Tideway’s Chief Technical Officer, Roger Bailey said: “Congratulations to the winners and all of those who were nominated and shortlisted. The conference and the awards really demonstrated the fantastic work taking place across the project.”

Award Winners
  • Technical Legacy Achievement: Tom Lane BMB
  • Good Neighbour: Chambers Wharf Team
  • Best Technical Exhibition: A Breath of Fresh Air: Telematics, Driving Air Quality Improvements and Behaviour Change
  • Best Technical Presentation: Lining Erector Machine – Matthew Tolan, Alex Lake and Robert Smith
  • Young Professional: Emily Riley CVB
  • Team of Teams: FLO Tunnelling Team


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  1. Great to see some ‘Great Think’ solutions and serial innovators being recognised for their legacy achievements on Sir Joe’s double century 🙂
    I hear you pulled off another great show Charlotte – best of luck to the Tideway team in the big dig!

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