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i3P launched in HK with Gammon innovation scouts

Thanks to Alexa Grierson for launching our Gammon innovation programme yesterday at the fantastic Hong Kong ‘Construction Industry Technology Application Centre’ (CITAC).

55 of our innovation ‘scouts’ from across the Gammon business attended an engaging session, featuring our lessons of collaboration, inclusion and creativity (much of which we’ve learned on the job at Crossrail, CH2M and Tideway respectively), and more recently, via dedicated industry training delivered by Prof. David Gann and Prof Jennifer Whyte of Imperial College.

We’re making a bit push on capturing and sharing innovation and best practice, using internal platforms such as Yammer to drive dynamic 2-way communication, and our intention is ‘the best of the best’ will eventually end up on i3P as we continue to promote industry collaboration (we hope you like what we’ve shared so far, and there’s much more to come).

It’s fair to say, our scouts were really impressed with their introduction to i3P and we’re very keen to use this for inspiration and ‘Pinching with Pride’ wherever appropriate!

CITAC is run by Mr Hong Wan, formerly of Thames Water (a small World I know), their exhibition space in Kowloon Bay is well worth a visit for any innovators passing through HK – inspiring and interactive showcase of the latest technologies in our industry. Next up in our training programme are Gammon’s innovation champions, so watch this space for updates.

Collaborate to Innovate 🙂

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