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Transforming construction Competition opportunities

We have been approached by a number of organisations who are looking for partners or support from i3P members for their bids into the current ISCF Transforming Construction Competition.  If any of the ideas here might fit into what you are doing or you are interested in then please let us know and the relevant introduction will be made.

Integrated Project Initiativeshave a track record in delivering new insurance backed alliance contracts which were developed on Dudley College project and they are looking for complex projects to bid into the demonstrator call.

TR Control Solutionsare developing BIMformed, the objective of their project is to determine the feasibility of using adaptive (and machine) learning to predict and prevent, the occurrence of defects.

Rednapis a small start-up who is developing a platform to aggregate small HA & LA plots of land into single larger projects for offsite delivery.

The Innovation Factoryis developing a bid to digitise standards and compliance records. One i3P member is already in discussion with them.

ECOS PRA is less of a competition bid more of a product introduction they have a successful overseas business producing Pre-conditioned Resin Aggregate (PRA) that is derived from Plastic Waste. They are looking for partners to introduce a manufacturing capability in the UK market.


For more information please contact i3Pideas@ktn-uk.org

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