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PRESS RELEASE: i3P launches its 2019 Annual Report ‘Innovating the future of Infrastructure’ and the ‘Innovation Investment Priorities’ Report.

This week sees the official launch of i3P’s first ever Annual Report, as well as the Innovation Investment Priorities Report.


i3P 2019 Annual Report – Innovating the future of Infrastructure


i3P is a client-led community of organisations with a focus on innovation. Its purpose is to transform the performance of the infrastructure sector, delivering improved productivity and growth along with better, more sustainable infrastructure assets for our society and our economy.

In the short time that it has been in existence, i3P is making a difference. The focus has been firmlyon shaping delivery priorities and delivering collaborative projects, working to ensure there is a continuity that not only adds value today but enables progressive innovation and continued transformation for future projects and programmes.

 With these foundations in place, i3P can position the sector to face the future on a sound footing. We’ve proven that we have the collective ambition and the collaborative intent, it’s time to scale up our efforts for real, lasting, beneficial impact.


i3P Innovation Investment Priorities Report


The i3P Strategy Board initiated research work on behalf of i3P in early 2019 to ‘identify and agree the innovation investment priorities for the sector that will drive most value, and where there is the greatest opportunity for transformational change’.

The research findings were reviewed at an industry workshop in June which agreed and endorsed a Framework in which to locate future innovation projects.  The Framework enables investment gaps to be identified that if addressed will help meet the industry’s Construction 2025 aspirations. This was done in the context of the UK’s Transforming Construction Challenge, which tasks the industry to become more productive, delivering increased lifetime value by increasing the digitisation of, and the application of manufacturing techniques in the industry. 

 The Report recommended 4 strategic priority themes that the industry must focus on order to deliver on the aspirations of the Transforming Construction agenda:

  • Articulating Demand – Capable Clients; 
  • Addressing the Supply side – Industrialise; 
  • Preparing construction for a zero -carbon world; 
  • Ensuring health, safety and well-being for all.


In addition, the Report recommended 6 industry actions where the i3P membership committed to collaborate on in order to underpin transformational change in the sector.

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Download the reports here

i3P Annual Report

i3P Investment Innovation Priorities Report

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