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Want to learn more about business models & business model change?


Transforming Construction Network Plus (N+) has released their first digest!



The digest summarises influential ideas about business models and business model change from industry and academia.

The digest was created for businesses wanting to understand more about business models, and to provide a structure for exploring how their business models can be changed.

Find out more about business models, the framework needed for thinking about analysing business models & how organisations can change their business models!

Download the first Transforming Construction Network Plus (N+) Digest here.



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One Response to “Want to learn more about business models & business model change?”

  1. I was kindly invited to the TCN+ webcon today hosted by Prof Andy Davies and Dr Sam Macaulay. Those ‘old enough’ to remember Sam and Andy will recognise their efforts in supporting Crossrail’s innovation strategy back in 2012, eventually becoming innovate18 and now i3P! Sam is now heavily into researching industry 4.0 and noted the influx of investment coming into our sector from the tech scene (including SoftBank and others) driving disruptive developments in AI design and pre-fabricated construction techniques from the likes of Ikea and Katerra. Sam’s takeaway is that these companies are not burdened with history and are able to move quickly from prototyping in BIM to scale factory fabrication.
    Here’s hoping this new competition provides inspiration for (non-IP related) ‘Pinching with Pride’ from i3P members and refocuses our minds to disrupt from the inside #collaboratetoinnovate

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