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The Robots are coming!

How Exoskeletons Are Changing Construction

i3P is interested in how Exoskeletons are changing construction and how the technology is making revolutionary strides within the industry. We are aware of one i3P member who has some onsite experience, and another who is interested in collaboration.

We are very interested to hear from other i3P members if this is an area of interest & development for the future.

This interesting article from U.S Publication ‘Boss Magazine’ is useful in posing a few questions for i3P members:

1)    Do you have any plans for trying or developing Exoskeletons in your business?

2)    What are the current barriers to adoption of the technology?

3)    Is there a role for collaborative research across the i3P network for a connected approach to research & testing?


To help facilitate a better understanding what i3P members are doing with Exoskeletons and how i3P members can work together in this field I am proposing a two-hour workshop at the KTN’s offices in the BDC on the afternoon of the 16th January.

If you have you someone in your organisation who you would like to nominate to attend please could you let me have their details and an invite will be issued.

For more information contact Mike Moseley i3pideas@ktn-uk.org

3 Responses to “The Robots are coming!”

  1. Interesting topic/find, definitely been some good discussion on this over the years so nice to see them finally getting used! A ‘challenge’ I’ve seen on these is how to ensure they’re not seen as a band-aid for moving works into a more fully automated/production environment. Of course, using them to support essential/non-automatable work is great. Will look to get someone from the Mace team involved!

  2. Gammon have a number of exoskeletons across our sites and they are also a pre-approved product under the HK government’s funding scheme for innovations in construction (70% rebate!) We would be happy to contribute our experiences of using them.

  3. We’ve run trials over the past year with exo skeletons with varying degrees of success. I believe the fundamental principle is sound (our aim was to address a reduction in work related musculoskeletal disorders for our workforce that are engaged in repetitive or high stress manual labour). However, I am uncertain about the viability of current solutions for the construction industry. We have engaged with a number of suppliers, academia, the NHS, and a few different internal sectors to explore this – and will gladly bring this network forward to enhance this opportunity for i3P.

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