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Going Digital with Big Data


Going Digital with Big Data: How to Harness its Value to Improve Design, Construction, and Operation.


i3P member Mark Coates from Bentley Systems shares his report below, identifying why we should be making the most of data & how we can mobilise it in the short-term and long-term within the construction & design industry.


The British government believes that the data economy is crucial to the United Kingdom’s growth and future prosperity, with data benefitting the economy by up to GBP 241 billion (USD 295 billion) by 2020. In addition, the British government believes that the effective use of data could create GBP 66 billion (USD 80 billion) of new business and innovation opportunities in the United Kingdom.

In the construction industry, big data refers to the huge quantities of information that have been stored in the past and that continue to be acquired today. This data can and will come from a range of people, sensors, computers, machines, and any other data-generating device.


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