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Feedback on our Innovation Portal

We are currently looking to revamp our Innovation Portal with a new ‘look and feel’ that will showcase past, current and future innovations, highlight our competitions and challenges, and engage with our innovation community both inside and outside of Highways England.

We are seeking your input please….

  • Have you ever visited our portal?
  • If so, what do you think?
  • Is there a feature you would like to be added? 

We would appreciate any feedback you may have to help us improve your experience. 

Thanks for your help


4 Responses to “Feedback on our Innovation Portal”

  1. Hi Ruth, great to shout out to the membership for comment!
    Unfortunately I’m not able to add much insight with regards to your portal (apart from a quick look just now)! however as 2020 is the year of i3P….. might we consider opportunities to increase traffic on i3P via insightful / inspirational content? Could i3P become integrated with your core innovation system somehow (if it isn’t already)? Thinking RSS feeds to share HE innovation news / funding calls and public links to non-IP ‘shared innovation & knowledge’ from your invested projects?
    I3P needs infrastructure clients to lead by example and take our supply chain with us – therefore perhaps this is a timely opportunity? I know I’m biased!, but reading through some old posts – Tideway managed it’s entire innovation platform on i3P (using Will Reddaway’s AIMS back office innovation management system) – I appreciate it’s not for everyone but we really made it work whilst genuinely saving us money by avoiding the need to administer multiple systems (internal and external)! Also means at the end of life, there’s a comprehensive record of all efforts and no need for migrations etc….
    For any lessons please ask Charlotte Hills! Sure Nick Sumption can also share some guidance on how we convinced Tideway execs to go ahead with our approach and the business case we used in support of it 🙂

    • Hi Paul, Thanks very much for taking the time to provide this useful feedback. We did initially consider whether the approach Tideway took could work for us, but we needed an independent platform. I definitely agree that we need to consider all opportunities to increase traffic on i3P, and we will be certainly look to do this, whether through the news feature we’ll be introducing, highlighting i3P innovations, or better signposting etc. Thanks again 😊

  2. Thanks Paul. There’s a clear ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma with the i3P portal in that to be a viable alternative to individual innovation platforms hosted internally by members, it needs to be equally accessible and deliver clear benefit to those we want to sign up, log in, and engage consistently.
    Without the critical mass created by committed buy-in from several members in quick succession, it is very difficult to create consistent traction and engagement from your internal innovation community. I’m looking forward to the forthcoming i3P working group meetings so we can roll our sleeves up and get stuck in! Ruth – I’ll take a look at your portal and will feed back any comments; great idea to share this on the portal for feedback.

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