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i3P Membership Survey

i3P has made great strides since it was first created in October 2016, establishing a reputation that enabled it to be influential in the Sector Deal for Construction.

The completion and publication of the Innovation Investment Priorities research in 2019 enabled i3P to establish the 4 Strategic Priority Themes which it will use to drive transformational outcomes through collaborative innovation projects during 2020.

The Strategy Board has taken soundings from its members and recognises that in order to fulfil its role as the ‘innovation delivery vehicle’ for the industry, then it needs to make changes to its membership model. These changes must support the restated ambitions of i3P in terms of scale, diversity and industry-wide engagement and collaboration.

Very soon we will be seeking feedback from all i3P member organisations through a structured survey and the results of this survey will enable us to build a clear picture of exactly what changes are required to enable members to fully influence and support i3P during the critical delivery year of 2020/21.


More information on the survey will follow soon.

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