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i3P & Bentley: Creating a safer industry through digital construction data

*New i3P blog series*

Written by Mark Coates (Bentley Systems) & Chris Walker (Be the Best Communications).

The first blog of this series explores the importance of digital construction data for the infrastructure sector:


All of us have the right to be safe in the structures where we live, work, and travel. Insurers are right to be asking asset owners and construction firms more questions about the safety of high-rise buildings and infrastructure.

Over the past three years the world has seen the tragic impact of failing infrastructure, such as the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, the collapse of the Viadotto Polcevera bridge in Genoa, Italy in 2018, and the near miss of the Whaley Bridge dam bursting its banks in Derbyshire last year.

Three months ago, media outlets reported that insurance premiums for building contractors, architects, and surveyors have been rising by triple digit percentages.

We believe digital construction data can play a significant role in solving the problem of rising insurance premiums and more importantly help to make our buildings and infrastructure safer.


View the full blog here.

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