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SafetIBase Update


SafetIBase is an industry initiative initially funded by the i3P as part of the spark programme. The idea behind the initiative is to leverage the power of effective data management in the context of H&S through standardised schemas and workflows.

This has resulted in a tool being developed which allows for users to enter their geolocated H&S data as immutable items in a shared cloud database. This can connect to a browser-based viewer or native design/construction management tools – long gone are the days of stand-alone spreadsheets or slow custom Sharepoint data silos.

By having a shared cloud database to share all project risk data (with appropriate data security and separation) the platform allows for the ultimate goal of cross project sharing of data and lessons learnt.



After completing the initial brief outlined to the i3P, the consortium considered the next steps it could take. In order to scale beyond this initial stage and bring further benefit to the wider community, an alignment with an organisation such as the Health and Safety Executive was necessary.

Recently, 3D Repo, Atkins, the HSE and Manchester University worked together under the banner of SafetIBase and Discovering Safety, a Lloyd’s Register Foundation programme.  This package of work invested in creating a new Risk Treatment module within SafetIBase. This module prompts the designer to enter pre-defined data, to define a risk, and therefore a risk treatment scenario in the model, and then automatically matches the risk scenario with a set of risk treatment suggestions. These are positive action prompts, designed to steer a designer towards early and effective co-ordination and collaborative treatment of risk in design.



With the emergence of a new Building Safety Regulator,  and the need to consider the identification, sharing and use of a key dataset in relation to fire and structural safety alongside the CDM Requirements on risk management, it is timely to develop further  digital tools that can help deliver information to designers, constructors and end users in the construction process.


I have been very pleased to work with the I3P Consortium and SafetIBase to create a first design risk treatment module aimed at BIM users. At the heart of HSE’s efforts to improve health & safety for workers in Construction is our drive to improve the way risk in the pre Construction phase is fore-seen, managed and treated effectively, through digitally enabled design and planning. This leads to improved efficiency and better working conditions on site. This requires early collaboration in projects from duty holders representing every stage in the project lifecycle.  Digital tools such as SafetIBase which improve collaboration, are very important.

Gordon Crick, Health & Safety Inspector

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)


Working with HSE, Manchester University and 3D Repo on this new iteration of SafetIBase brings us closer to our goal of establishing an industry-wide repository of H&S data and insights. We hope to continue in these efforts to democratise best practice and make our nation a safer place.

Zane Ulhaq, Digital Engineering Manager



The team are now looking at support from i3P members to test this framework as well as acquiring a collection of possible treatments against risks categories.

For more information and/or to get involved, please contact zane.ulhaq@atkinsglobal.com or n.thompson@atkinsglobal.com



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