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The Construction Innovation Hub has launched an open consultation on the draft Construction Quality Planning (CQP) Guide


The Construction Innovation Hub has launched an open consultation on the draft Construction Quality Planning (CQP) Guide. The consultation aims to provide a forum for information exchange and open discussion with industry stakeholders on how the Construction Quality Planning (CQP) process could be incorporated into practice in the UK construction sector.

The consultation is seeking a breadth of feedback from the UK construction and manufacturing sectors and may be of interest to those involved in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), offsite manufacturing and public and private sector clients.

The conversation with industry will take place over 10 weeks, from Monday 18 May 2020 to Friday 31 July 2020.The review period for responses will run from Monday 3 August 2020 to Monday 28 September 2020, when a consultation report will be made public.Results will inform the next critical phases of this project, with a final version of the CQP guide and comprehensive toolsets release in October 2020.

By testing application of the tools within industry, proof-of-concept case studies could be created to demonstrate applicability and lessons learnt.

NB: Post consultation process, the Building Information Modelling (BIM) and related references in the CQP guide will be updated to reflect the transition from PAS 1192-2 standard to the BS EN ISO 19650 international standard.






Public Consultation

Interested parties are invited to complete the consultation by Friday 31 July 2020.

The Hub would be particularly interested to hear:

  • specific recommendations in relation to the CQP process, fundamentals and the five phases
  • how informative, organised and clear is the information and concepts shared in the CQP guide
  • perceived benefits and challenges for adoption of the CQP process within the construction sector
  • your interest in being part of the next stage of the project, by testing application of the tool within your organisation and creating proof-of-concept case studies to demonstrate applicability and lessons learnt.

Please use exclusively the online questionnaire to submit comments. Please note that comments submitted by e-mail or by post cannot be taken into account.

A submission will not be considered if it:

  • is submitted after the closing date of the public consultation
  • is presented in any form other than what is provided for in the online questionnaire
  • is not related to the contents of the CQP guide or this consultation
  • contains complaints, irrelevant or offensive statements or materials

Please restrict your feedback to no more than 300 words per recommendation; you may summit additional supporting documents, but we cannot promise to take additional information into account when considering our response, this is due to time constraints.

The Hub will assess all comments from interested parties which are submitted in line with the criteria above. Responses to be published and/or referred to (directly or anonymously) in the published response document.

If you have any issues completing the questionnaire, please contact CIHEvents@bregroup.com

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