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i3P Strategy Board Updates

We’re pleased to announce the following updates to the i3P Strategy Board. 


Strategy Board Co-Chair

Earlier this year, and to coincide with his pending retirement, Phil Wilbraham (Heathrow) stepped down from his role as i3P Co-Chair, allowing the opportunity for another client organisation representative to join Mark Thurston (HS2) as Co-Chair. The opportunity came at a challenging time for our industry but offered a role to contribute strategic leadership to i3P and to shape the transformation of the infrastructure sector as we work to ‘Restart, Reset and Reinvent’.

We are delighted to confirm that the i3P Strategy Board, at its meeting 26th June, approved the appointment of Steve Moore, National Director of Operations at the Environment Agency as the new i3P Co-Chair for a period of two years effective from July 2020.

In his role at the Environment Agency, Steve is responsible for leading the operational response in programme management, helping create resilient and sustainable infrastructure and ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of many thousand assets. Key to this is his leadership of the collaborative framework of delivery partners across the sectors of construction, consultancy and specialist services.

“I am delighted to be part of i3P at this hugely important time. The Environment Agency has been members for many years and benefited from the varied and welcome relationships and partnerships it offers. 

Given the climate and economic risks and opportunities that we are all facing, there is no doubt that we need to help translate innovative ideas into something that our industry can quickly and easily adopt. If there was ever a time for greater collaboration and leadership it is now.

I have no doubt I3P can be even more pivotal in helping make the right connections as well as coordinating our collective efforts. Being part of that opportunity is both exciting and essential if we are to succeed”. – Steve Moore, Environment Agency


Strategy Board Member

We are also very pleased to confirm Roger Bailey, Chief Technical Officer at Tideway will be joining as a new Strategy Board member, also effective from July 2020.

Roger is already leading on the i3P Subscription Model Task & Finish group that is working to reposition i3P in order for it to become a stronger ‘force for change’ for collaborative innovation across our sector. Tideway are seen as significant players within the sector in the way they have embraced innovation as a critical enabler within their project; Roger himself has been an active contributor to i3P for a number of years and brings hugely valuable innovation experience.

“I’m delighted to be joining i3P’s Strategy Board. It’s a great opportunity to contribute towards the improved innovation and collaboration needed to deliver a safer, smarter and greener infrastructure industry.” – Roger Bailey, Tideway


This appointment, along with that of the new Co-Chair, both add to the diversity of ‘client voice’ on the i3P Strategy Board.


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