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i3P Portal Development Update

Following the update presentation I gave at the i3P Forum on 26th June, I thought it would be helpful to share more widely to all i3P members the progress made thus far on the work being done to develop and upgrade the i3P Portal.

It has been clear for a while that the portal has not gained the momentum required to make it a useful destination for the sharing of innovation or enabling members to share challenges and collaborate, and although since its launch in 2017 there have been more than 400 innovations shared, there has been little real engagement.  Although some early work to establish the best way forward with this was started in 2019, with the results back from the i3P Membership Survey in March 2020 it was clear that delivery of a fit for purpose i3P Portal was a top priority for the coming year.  With that in mind, an initial requirements workshop was held on 30th April 2020, with a diverse range of members contributing towards the creation of a draft set of key requirements to take forward.  Following the workshop, members also submitted a range of use case scenarios to add further context.

Clearly there are a number of different options we could take – from the development of a bespoke product using a new supplier or one recommended by a member, through to using an ‘off the shelf’ product like Edison365 or incorporating a collaborative platform such as MS Teams.  Whilst this is a subject which can elicit a diverse and passionate range of opinions in terms of what is needed, there have been some clear insights gathered to date:

  1. The portal must provide a forum for innovation sharing, updates on i3P projects, a marketplace for client challenges, i3P and industry news, and a ‘single source of truth’.
  2. It must be underpinned by state of the art “search-ability” with thriving community engagement delivering clear value to the user.
  3. It must be highly integrable with members’ existing Innovation Management Systems.
  4. It must be accessible to the wider industry including SMEs, academics, trade and industrial bodies, and the general public.

Members will be asked this week to share information regarding their existing innovation management systems, and next week the draft specification document will be shared via the fortnightly i3P Newsletter with feedback invited.

In the meantime, I attach a copy of the slides shown at the i3P Forum – please feel free to contact me at charlotte.hills@tideway.london if you have any questions or would like to be involved in the portal’s development.

2.I3P Portal update Forum slides CH






6 Responses to “i3P Portal Development Update”

  1. Hi Charlotte, here at BAM Nuttall we use an internal Sharepoint based system for capturing good practice. However I usually use Google as my source of information, I think based on the fact that their cataloging and search facilities are so advanced that we can’t compete on that level.

  2. I have done a lot of work in researching innovation management systems which revealed many expensive and complex systems. I share Colin’s observation that a simple easy to access tool is best, and one that integrates well with the inevitable Microsoft systems in most businesses. In my last business we settled on a tool that integrates well with the Office365 suite, and is quick and simple to add information to and attach additional documents.

  3. Good luck Charlotte! Yammer is still a useful tool for sharing solutions, ideas and developing Communities of Practice as available on desktop and mobile with Office 365 allowing networks outside your organisation (if IT permit). That said, I think i3P are making good use of LinkedIn so good job to the comms team 🙂 Sad to see the Gammon innovations dry up – some great stuff happening out in S.E Asia. Never forget to Pinch with Pride

  4. Gammon are utilising the O365 suite as much as possible, currently building an internal communication site on SharePoint for formal / one-way sharing and making the most of MS Teams for interactive engagement – we have found this to be more effective than Yammer so far as it’s already being used for project work, meetings and chat, therefore it’s all in the same, familiar place.

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