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Augmented future for the Infrastructure sector

It is really great to see the developments Pauley are making with a range of i3P clients – in particular HS2, Jacobs, Network Rail & Department for Transport.

It’s widely understood and appreciated the benefits that immersive technology will have on all sectors especially the infrastructure sector. HS2 pioneers augmented reality for rail and, in a UK-first, the power of immersive augmented reality is being harnessed to train staff who will run the HS2 north London super hub at Old Oak Common.

Their work has been featured in two recent HS2 LinkedIn posts: The construction of Britain’s new high-speed railway is accelerating ahead.

Proven benefits of the technology include:

  • 30% Assembly time improvement
  • 80% Design validation time reduction
  • 85% Reduction in overall training time
  • 90% Greater accuracy on service repair tasks
  • 97% Reduction in time to information

Clearly demonstrated within their work with HS2, it is great to see they have secured funding and are part of 4 successful Tier 1 teams through the Innovate UK and the Department for Transport SBRI first of a kind round 2: demonstrating tomorrow’s stations and a greener railway

  • Rail Systems Alliance Scotland (CP6) with Arcadis and Babcock (Network Rail Contract Value £1.4bn)
  • StarTwo and Design Services Frameworks with Jacobs (Network Rail Contracts Value £1.1+/-bn)
  • Smart Motorways Alliance with BMJV (Highways England Contract Value £1.5bn)

“As the UK emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, i3P sees Immersive Technology playing critical role in the country’s short & long -term economic recovery. For all the rapid improvements in technology, we forget the human element at our peril. Immersive technologies put our ultimate customers at the heart of the design process, empowering engineers to make confident decisions for social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits’.

Howard Mitchell, Head of Innovation HS2 & i3P Delivery Leadership Group Chair


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