Digital Transformation – 4D Planning

Published on 31 January 2018
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In the rail sector, construction and rehabilitation works generally require
temporary interruption of trains. The worksite must operate to a very tight
and precisely defined schedule to ensure that tracks can be handed back
to the operator on time. On the London Crossrail project, characterised by
overlapping tasks and numerous interfaces between the different players,
the client and subcontractors struggle to understand the exact scheduling of
interventions and frequently misinterpret it.

Driving Collaboration through BIM Wednesdays

Published on 30 January 2018
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Successful collaboration requires commitment, trust and interaction. Wednesday of each week was allocated as "BIM Wednesdays" for the duration of design development for all parties to get together, focused around the current design models. These sessions progressively reviewed all designs, capturing all arising issues and driving resolutions throughout. It enabled the overarching management teams to have an insight into the design, building confidence in the design quality and progress. It significantly improved engagement on the project and developed a collaborative project culture. Read more...

Managing Vibration the RightWay

Published on 24 January 2018

BMB and their sub-contractor DAM were required to use impact wrenches when installing the acoustic shed at Carnwath Road. This tool exposes the workers to vibration which if used for excessive... Read more...

Ridgeway Marine – Kyowa Filter Unit

Published on 8 January 2018

Kyowa’s Filter Unit is a product which protects rivers, seashores, bridges and mono piles from scour damage. Kyowa Filter Units were used at the Croston flood alleviation scheme and proved to... Read more...