Audio Visual Turn Warning Device

Published on 11 March 2019

Through our work directly involved in the logistics running of the business , we can recognise the need to improve cycle safety regarding HGV vehicles. We read in newspapers daily of incidents and... Read more...

Exclusion zone cones and information board

Published on 11 March 2019

Management of exclusion zones and blind spots and protection of area marshals/banks person. This was also motivated by the site team in wanting something easily adaptable to changing/progressing... Read more...

Exhaust Fume Extractor

Published on 11 March 2019

Health & Safety legislation requires that diesel engine exhaust emissions are controlled whenever they could create a health hazard, for example when being used inside an operational train... Read more...

Lighting Asset Performance Measurement Tool (LAPM)

Published on 4 March 2019
Pinched with Pride once

This task is proposed in response to: • Customer complaints of flickering and discomfort glare from LED lighting • A risk to customer safety due to reduced visibility • A need to understand... Read more...

Highways CCTV Placement

Published on 27 February 2019

Deciding where to place the CCTV cameras on motorways and major roads used to be a dangerous and time-consuming job for engineers on the ground. We wanted to find a solution which would allow this to... Read more...