Mobile Display Units

Published on 2 November 2018
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The Mobile Display Unit was conceived at Heathrow Airport and is a fully mobile, battery-powered screen messaging system. With up to 35 hours battery life and a 55" screen that raises to 3.2m in height, it can be used during both periods of contingency and general operational use, such as wayfinding, operational updates and branded information for passengers. Read more...

Just 10 Minutes

Published on 29 October 2018

Start of Shift briefings for the workforce have now been standard practice for many years. However, it is rare that the supervisors and engineers get some time early in the morning all together to... Read more...

Customer Care Cards

Published on 24 October 2018
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Community engagement A solution was required to aid the communication between employees and the community they work in, to be able to efficiently deal with questions or queries. Front line site... Read more...

Glow Sling

Published on 18 October 2018

Visibility of loads whilst lifting in low light conditions Read more...

4D Acoustic Shed

Published on 18 October 2018

With BIM now being fully integrated in project delivery, the site teams pushed for the programme to also be incorporated with BIM – which is called 4D delivery. Read more...

4D Collaborative Planning

Published on 16 October 2018

Planning of works can sometimes be isolated from design. This can lead to some clashes not being designed out that then leads to further cost and delays on site. Collaborative planning has been... Read more...

Defibrillator registration

Published on 16 October 2018
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Defibrillators are critical pieces of equipment that can save lives in case of an emergency. However, defibrillators are not always widely available and the public might not be aware of where is the... Read more...

In the Know sessions

Published on 11 October 2018

How can we communicate important subjects in short sessions that are accessible to everyone?   Read more...