Bridge Condition Surveys Using Drones

Published on 26 June 2019

As part of the Main Works Central contract for Tideway, 12.7km of bored tunnels is required between the Carnwath Road Riverside and Chambers Wharf Sites. Uniquely, the tunnel alignment follows... Read more...

“RAMS-bites”: Bite Sized Briefings

Published on 26 June 2019

The EARPS Team has developed a new method to brief out the RAMS, instead of the traditional read-straight from the script process. This initiative was taken by the general foreman of the site as he... Read more...

Reuse of Concrete Slabs

Published on 25 June 2019

The site team at Kirtling Street installed a concrete working platform to enable the start of diaphragm wall works. The slab was cast within the footprint of what would become the main shaft to... Read more...

Use of Xcentric Ripper

Published on 18 June 2019

The Xcentric Ripper has been successfully trialled instead of a traditional breaker to demolish the Deep Soil Mixing Columns. Read more...

Introduction of sit/stand desks

Published on 12 June 2019
Pinched with Pride twice

Tideway staff were asked for suggested improvements for the new London Bridge office. One suggestion was standing desks. Consequently, 10 electronically powered rising desks were planned for... Read more...

Save the Boreholes Campaign

Published on 11 June 2019

The Tideway Tunnel is a 25km tunnel, currently under construction, running under the tidal section of the River Thames through central London. The tunnel will capture and store raw sewage and... Read more...